The Tip General Affiliate Benefits

As a website owner, blogger, or sports fan, you can make money by recommending other punters how to make money using The Tip General software application.

Commission from 10% to 15%
Free (no payment required)
Consistent online payouts
Easy and convenient tracking

Become An Affiliate

The Tip General

Affiliate Program

After you become an affiliate of The Tip General you will receive a unique tracking link. When we receive visitors through your affiliate link, we associate them with your affiliate account. When they purchase any tip (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one), you get 10% to 15% commission! You get paid again every time the client’s paid for a tips on The Tip General


    It costs nothing to join The Tip General affiliate program. All software platforms and information are provided to you at no fee. Your first step to getting started today is to go to our signup page and register for an account.

Commission Structure

    You will receive 10 to 15% commissions on every purchase made for as long as they remain a customer! 10% commissions if total client's sales €0 to €100 a month 12.5% commissions if total client's sales €101 to €500 a month 15% commissions if total client's sakes €501 and above Affiliate Commission payouts are paid the first Tuesday of every month No limits to the commissions you can earn. No minimum payout required. All payouts are paid via PayPal only. A valid PayPal account is required to participate in The Tip General Affiliate Program.

Income Example

    You refer John, he signs up and spends €190 for the first month, your affiliate commission would be €23.75 The same month John would spend €501, your affiliate commission would be €75.15

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