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The Tip General is our resident expert tipster or punter, who has been barred by all the online sportsbooks due to his highly successful and profitable football / soccer predictions and bets. As a direct consequence of been banned from betting on sports by the online bookmakers, The Tip General is hell bent on assisting the punters or bettors gain the advantage over the bookies with expert football / soccer tips, which will give them the edge to become extremely profitable in their sports betting consistently!
In order to provide expert football tips and predictions to clients, we had to first systemise to ensure we provided accurate data and kept a positive yield and win percentage to our clients every week. Years of costly testing, mathematics and computer programming mixed in with the philosophies of The Tip General ensued to find that winning predictive formula for our football tips. We failed so many times in our pursuit of a winning and profitable sports betting formula, making many mistakes and getting let down often with the results, basically there was no consistency with our football predictions. It was like, just as we thought we had found the magic football tips formula we couldn’t sustain it for more than a month, these occurrences let us down frequently and shook our confidence.
Our passion, persistence and sheer hard work paid off in the end and eventually led us to find the elusive winning football prediction formula. Now we can share our proven and consistent winning formula with you and give you the edge you need to beat the bookie!

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