Is this an online sports betting website?

We are not an online sports betting website, we do not exchange any money for bets on our website. We are expert football tipsters, who offer the most exciting tipping platform and results in the world!

Why is there only Football or Soccer tips available?

Simply because we are experts to the highest degree and fully proficient in Football markets. If you are here to improve your win ratio, you would want highly specialised experts on your team, not jacks of all trades, true!

What happens if a game in my football tips package is postponed or cancelled?

In cases where a game in your football tips package is postponed or cancelled, we take immediate action to minimise any inconvenience. We will replace the affected game with another expert AI football match tip. You will receive an email notification about this change, and we ensure that this notification is sent to you no less than 7 hours before the kick-off of the new match. This policy allows you adequate time to adjust your betting plans based on the new tip.

Do you plan to introduce different sports tips in the future?

We are so results driven at The Tip General, that we will not launch a different sport tipping service, until we have tried and tested it and hit the magic algorithm, which yields consistent positive tipping results for our esteemed clients.

In saying so, we have been testing hard algorithmically on Basketball and Tennis markets and plan to launch a winning tipping service on these two sports late last quarter of 2025!

You offer tips for the football goal line markets exclusively, why not WDL (win draw loss) markets as well?

Quite simply because the goal line market has two possibilities and the WDL market has three possibilities, thus substantially heightening your risk and lowering your winning chance.

Goal line ( two possibilities ) = 50% chance
WDL ( three possibilities ) = 33.33% chance

Second important reason is possible corruption and match fixing in football. We offer over 250 Football leagues throughout the world, some are very small leagues and countries. Let’s face it there may be match fixing in football, in the past teams as big Juventus FC from Serie A got found out, imagine what may happen in the amateur leagues!

We believe if a match was fixed, most probably it would be fixed on the primary WDL result market. Although not immune, It would be much more difficult to fix a game on the exact goal line market. This was our way to mitigate that threat, especially on the smaller football league markets we offer expert tips on.

You have several different football tipping packages, is there a volume discount if I purchase more than one tips package?

Yes of course there is! We take good care of our loyal clients and have two ways to save Big money on your football tips package order.

1. Value pack 4x, if you purchase an assortment of 4 different packages huge discounts apply.

2. Volume Discounts, you can purchase your favourite tips package in denominations of 4 or 26 packs to trigger massive volume discounts.

* The Value Pack 4x enables you the chance to exacerbate your discount by combining the above discount points into a super discount!

How frequently is each football tips package available?

That really depends on our expert tipsters and algorithm’s ability in finding at least 10 football games which meet and trigger our stringent requirements. Generally there will be at least 1 tips package per week distributed on Saturday morning, as there are many games on over the weekend. From time to time on the weekdays when the football games permit, several packages will also be offered. Be sure to keep an eye on the countdown timer on each soccer package, this will show you exactly when the next football tips package you love is available.

How is it determined if a football tips package has a positive or negative yield?

The Tip General provides 10 expert football tips per package. The yield is calculated based on the odds of each tip x the same unit value. In other words imagine you put 10 single bets on each of the 10 games within the package, the yield calculates if you would be Up ( positive yield ) or Down ( negative yield ) based on that. The great news for you is that all packages are covered by The Tip Generals Win Guarantee, meaning if you gave a negative yield in your package, you will automatically receive the next package FREE.

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